Freedom Satellite Biography

The producers/DJs Jürgen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner have been working together since 1997 as Freedom Satellite. The two friends are connected by their love of super-tight rhythm and vital flow in music.

Jürgen Drimal already had extensive experience in the music business. As founder and label manager of Vienna Scientists Recordings he can show 15 publications and lots of remix work. Besides he has shown his talent as a DJ in the most reputable clubs all over Europe since his 15th birthday. Throughout his musical development he was influenced and accompanied by his neighbour, the jazz drummer Idris Muhammad, Drimal's “Spiritual ghost”.

Already being part of Vienna's independent music scene since the early 90ties Gernot Ebenlechner studied Mechanical Engineering. After finishing his thesis for the European Space Agency on developing tethered Subsatellite Systems he finally decided to focus on music when he got in contact with Jürgen Drimal in 1997. Countless private listening-sessions in the Vienna Scientists Labelheads vinyl-archive changed both his live and understanding of music.

Freedom Satellite Discography

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About the Upcomming Freedom Satellite Debut Album

“All variations of Afro-American music” is the respond of Juergen Drimal and Gernot Ebenlechner, the brains behind Freedom Satellite, when asked about their musical roots. This explains the background for their debut album. Inspired by Jazz, Soul, Funk, Bossa, Latin and R'n'B a contemporary style is created. It's characterised by a distinctive sound worked out in intensive studio-sessions using state of the art electronic production techniques although its foundation relies heavily on vocals and live-played instruments.

For Freedom Satellite this symbiosis of traditional music genres of the “Black Community” and the new fields of “Electronic Music” possibly constitutes one next stage of todays music.

Drimal and Ebenlechner describe the self inflicted rules of this production: “From the first note of this album it was completely clear to both of us that we will be on stage with the musicians that we have been working with in the recording studio”.

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